Sunday School 9:30

-Nursery care
-Children's Classes
-Youth Classes
-Adult Classes
-Intergenerational Class

Church Service 10:30

–Member participation
–Welcoming greeters
–Pre-Worship Music
–Nursery available
–Congregational singing -Special music
–Expository sermons




About Sonnenberg Mennonite

THE PURPOSE of the Sonnenberg Mennonite Church is to establish and nurture Christian life by providing opportunities for worship, fellowship, instruction, witness and service under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and led by the Holy Spirit, in response to God's love in Christ Jesus and in accord with the testimony of the Scriptures.

OUR COMMITMENT as a congregation is to grow spiritually through personal reading of God's Word, meditation and prayer, walking in close relationship with Jesus the Word; to be a loving and forgiving community of faith.

--Salvation is a gift of God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
--The church lives under the authority of the Word of God as understood through the Holy Spirit.
--Baptism is for those who make a voluntary confession of faith and commit themselves to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.
--Each member is responsible to witness for Christ by word and deed.
--Members need one another for encouragement and growth.
--Living as a disciple of Christ means promoting justice and refraining from force and violence in all human relationships.
--In the resurrection of the body and the return of Jesus Christ.

Address: PO Box 226, 14367 Hackett Rd, Kidron, OH 44636

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